Rider support

When can I submit?

Applications are open from December 1st until the end of January. We then review all the applications received for the upcoming season.

How to submit?

To apply to our rider support program, fill in this form.

The forms requires you to answer a couple of questions so we can get to know you better ! 
Everyone has to answer the same questions so we can compare all kind of profiles. 
We highly recommend you being accurate by providing detailed and realistic answers.
Having a Pressbook attached is a plus.

Keep in mind you guys are hundreds to apply every year, convince us why it should be YOU !

We are looking for people with good visibility on local races, and with regular activity on social media.

What do we offer?

There is different level of sponsoring.  If your profile catches our attention, we will provide the support that we think is fair.

We try our best to reply to everyone, even if we cannot offer any kind of support for the upcoming season.
For any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.